Inventory Make
A full itemised report with a detailed schedule of condition for each room including all fixtures and fittings supported by photographic evidence. A detailed report is vital for any landlord wishing to protect themselves against end of tenancy disputes. Recent changes to the Tenancy Deposit Scheme has resulted in landlords having to return full deposits when they could not provide sufficient evidence to justify repair and maintenance deductions.


This entails a walk-through of the inventory with the tenants at the beginning of their tenancy. Meter readings are taken and the report is signed off by the tenant. Keys for the property are then handed over. This service ensures both parties have agreed to contents and accuracy of the inventory report.

The is an end of tenancy inspection using the original inventory report where we evaluate the present state of the property, the fixtures and fittings compared with the  condition at the time of the Check-In. The property will be examined for cleanliness and damaged, missing or replaced items will be listed. Photographs are taken of any deterioration or damage.

Interim Inspection 
A mid-tenancy inspection is undertaken using the inventory to ensure the tenants are maintaining the up-keep of the property. Damages, maintenance issues and other discrepancies are noted in the report. This enables the landlord to keep track of any wear and tear and avoid nasty surprises at the end of the tenancy.



What condition is your property in? Book your interim  inspections now. Don't wait until the check-out to discover any nasty surprises!!


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